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Dj, Promoter. Is one of the outstanding figures in the canary electronic scene. Since more than 10 years is an immovable name at the clubs, festivals and warehouse line ups around the islands. Residences like Weekend, Le Club, Velvet and nowadays Mood Club makes Berna a perfect knower of the dance floor. His sets are elegant, effective and dynamic at the same rate, with plain House influences where he walks between San Francisco sound and micro house with a niceness that provides his sessions of a great identity

Madrid, Zurich, Barcelona or Ibiza has been cities where Berna has shared his music view

In year 2008 he joins Javier Carballo to create Underyourseat, promoter company and record label behind some of the bigger electronic music productions in Gran Canaria (Las Brujas, Soundgardens, etc) cooperating with another partners or on his own At the same time he has headed the manage of clubs as Velvet, Rebel or currently Mood where he is Resident, booker and responsable of the artistic direction of the club.